As patients return back to our office, we want to assure those of you that we are taking every precaution to assure your safety during your visit. Below are frequently asked questions that should help give you a better idea of what your next appointment will look like! 

  • What things are you doing in the office to keep me safe?

    a) We pre-screen all our patients 48 hours before their appointment and again upon arrival for any COVID-19 symptoms.

    b) We measure temperature and blood oxygen levels for each patient upon their arrival.

    c) We have each patient rinse with a pre-procedural mouth rinse to reduce viral and bacterial load in the oropharynx and mouth.

    d) We use High Volume Evacuation and isolation techniques to minimize the aerosolization of bacteria, yeasts, and viruses into the air.

    e) Our office is outfitted with 7 Surgically Clean Air purifiers to remove airborne bacterial and viral particles as well as dust and airborne organic compounds.

    f) After each patient appointment the treatment room air is disinfected with an Ultra Low Volume fogging procedure utilizing Hypochlorous acid to further remove viral particles and eliminate/kill them.

    g) All surfaces in each treatment room are cleaned then sanitized with hospital grade, CDC recommended disinfectants between patient visits.

    h) Our team wears protective garb and PPE to prevent transmission.

    i) Our team members are screened every day for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 disease.

    j) The entire practice facility is treated with Hypochlorous acid cold fogging after the morning session and the afternoon session to further purify the air.

    k) All door handles are sanitized throughout the day.

    l) Hand sanitizer is available at many stations throughout the practice.

    m) We keep abreast of all updates for dealing with Sars-CoV-2 in the dental practice setting and regularly modify our protocols as needed.


  • Should I call before coming up to my appointment?

    Yes, that phone call helps us to maintain proper social distancing of patients in the practice.

  • How many people will be in the office with me during my appointment?

    Beside our team members, we strive to have no more than 3 patients in our clinic at a time to maintain proper social distancing.

  • With no doors on the rooms how will you keep others germs away from me?

    We have invested in air purifiers that remove viral, bacterial, and mold particles. These purifiers run constantly from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM and turnover the air in each treatment room multiple times per hour.

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    Yes, we encourage you to keep your mask on at all times except of course when having treatment done.

  • Can I still pay by cash, or check?

    Yes, we use a “minimal touch” protocol with your payment to reduce the opportunity of pathogen transmission.

  • Will there be any additional charges?

    We have incorporated a $15.00 “PPE service” fee to help defray the cost of protecting you with all the steps that we take here for safety.

  • May I bring my children and/or spouse with me to my appointment?

    We ask that no more than one person accompany each patient to appointments. Family members are encouraged to wait in their car until we are ready for each appointment.

  • What if I get sick with an upcoming appointment? Should I call?

    Please do not come in for your appointment if feeling ill in any way. You will not be charged for a late cancellation of your appointment.

  • Should I arrive early for my appointment?

    Please be only a few minutes early so that your wait in your car is not excessive. As always, we will be in touch if we are running early or late for your appointment.

Do you have any additional questions? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at or call 518-218-0713.

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